Talk to anyone in your field, quickly.

With ear1, you can pay a small amount of money to talk to any top person in your field. Paying ensures that you definitely get a prompt reply from your favourite influencers.

Why do you need ear1?

When you currently message your favourite influencer on traditional social media, you can end up waiting months just to hear back from them.

This is because your favourite stars usually have a huge list of (mostly unimportant) DMs that they have to answer before getting to yours. By paying to talk to them on ear1, you get to skip the line.

Connect with anybody in your field, quickly.

Want that big producer to hear and review your demo? Want to consult and get advice from a busy lawyer? Want to get exclusive pics and videos from that instagram photographer? Pay them on ear1 to access them now.

Be assured of replies and conversation.

On ear1, every user has a price on their profile. A user has to accept your paid chat request before you can start talking to them for a one week period. Once this period is over, you have to pay again to initiate a subsequent week-long chat session.

Chat comes in the form of text, images, video, voice notes, and links. We're essentially a paid WhatsApp.

You are guaranteed of a reply if the influencer you're paying to talk to accepts your request.

Asa Asika

Hey Asa. Nice to meet you man. I've heard so much about you. I have this sick funk beat that I want to send to you. I think Davido would like it as well.


Hey, Nice to meet you.


Sure, send it over. That's the new sound wave we're trying to explore. And send me all the other beats you have.


What's your soundcloud?

Earn money while you chat.

It's a new world. You've taken years to build your brand and influence online. It only makes sense for you to monetise it. Create a profile on ear1, set a price and let your audience pay to talk to you. Charge as much as you want; accept as many requests as you can answer.

Are you a lawyer who wants to charge for all the advice people keep asking you? Pastor who wants your congregation to pay for private consultation? Music producer who wants to talk to only serious talent? Then ear1 is for you.

Kofi Ansah has paid ($50) to chat with you.



Filter the noise from your DM’s.

You may have your DMs on Twitter and Instagram closed because a lot of time wasters are messaging you. If you have them open, then you know the dread of skimming through hundreds of unimportant messages just to find serious messages about inquiry, deals, consultation and things that actually matter to you.

When you charge your audience a small fee to talk to you on ear1, you automatically filter out all time-wasters and unnecessary people. Those who mean business will pay to talk to you.

The ear1 assurance.

Ease of Use.

Anyone can set-up a profile within minutes to either pay to talk to others, or charge others to talk to them. With as simple of 3 steps, you can get started using ear1.

Local currency support.

Ear1 natively supports paying and getting paid in local currencies like US dollars, Cedis, Naira, etc.

Total freedom.

Charge as much as you want. Accept as many chat requests as you are able to answer. Get paid immediately the chat session is over.

Get ahead of your game.

Only have high level conversations from now on.