Earn Bitcoin for answering your DMs. Replace your email/DMs with a chat app where users pay to message you. Pay/Get Paid in Bitcoin, Naira and Cedis globally.

Do you get overwhelmed with messages from hundreds of people who want something from you? Get paid in Bitcoin (or Naira and Cedis) now to respond to those messages.

Why you need ear1

You’ve built an amazing brand and it wasn’t easy. So it feels nice when you’re the go-to person in your industry. People pitch you business plans and ask for your advice. But where’s the value for you? That’s where we come in.

Connect with your audience, quickly.

On ear1 people pay to talk to you. So all time-wasters, beggars and spammers are filtered out so you can focus on connecting with people who mean business. And you get to make money in the process.

ear1 is pretty easy to use.

Sign up on ear1 and create your free profile.

Set the price on your profile that people will pay to talk to you.

Any user on the app can send you a chat request asking to talk to you.

For each request you accept, the respective user has access to your chat inbox for a week, after which they would have to pay again for each new week.

You get paid for every single chat request you accept.

Asa Asika

Hey Asa. Was wondering if you could give your opinion on a new festival we're bringing to Lagos. We've just gotten the funding and I don't want to get the logistics wrong.


Hello Femi, how are you doing? I can definitely help.


Festivals are a lot of work so you need to get started on all aspects right now. You usually have less time than you think.


The first thing to do immediately is...

Earn money while you chat.

We take all the complexities out of the way so you can focus on talking to your audience and getting paid.

The money you earn is paid out into the currency of your choice; like Bitcoin, Naira or Cedis.

Kofi Ansah has paid ($50) to chat with you.



Filter the noise from your DM’s.

With a paywall in front of your chat inbox, every single person you interact with has something important to discuss.

You never have to engage with time-wasters anymore. You can also easily ‘exempt’ friends and family from paying when requesting to talk to you.

The ear1 assurance.

Ease of Use.

Anyone can set-up a profile within minutes to get paid for talking. With as simple of 3 steps, you can get started using ear1.

Local currency support.

Ear1 natively supports paying and getting paid in local currencies like Bitcoin, Cedis and Naira, etc.

Total freedom.

Charge as much as you want. Accept as many chat requests as you are able to answer. Get paid immediately the chat session is over.

Get ahead of your game.

Only have high level conversations from now on.